Mullet run and MICRO Tarpon and Snook fishing in Miami

Miami Tarpon fishing and Snook fishing the Mullet Run 2018

Changing gear we took advantage of the mullet run and the amount of fish in the area we pushed up into a remote creek and targeted snook and tarpon.


Fishing is red hot due to the annual mullet run where thousand of mullet migrate down the florida coast eventually schooling up in the canals and spillways.


I this video we targeted the smallest most eager fish MICRO tarpon and snook ! 





Its not long before snook and tarpon and a myriad other fish attack and gorgen the huge amount of prey. 


The video shows just one of the spots I target these fish . 


I fish the mullet in the area hooking a mullet and casting into a prime feeding area that has erupting fishusually because a hungry snook or tarpon is below


I also use mall rubber artificial paddle tails . Some times in ver different colors to get the attention of the snook or tarpon. 


Join in me before thenmullet is over and you will have to wait to the next year to take advantage of this amazing bite!!! 


Check out all all the amazing action on the social media links ! 


Thanks for fishing with Fraser !! 

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