How To: Tarpon on Fly , Fly Fishing Leader and Snell Knot Connection For Tarpon in and around Miami

On Biscayne Bay the water can be pretty clear around the inlets and when the surface is calm we use longer leaders so the floating line does not spook the fish. In addition we use as Lighter Leader as possible around the underwater dock lights as the fish can analyze the leader. An outgoing tide usually clouds the water and a heavy leader system can be used.

Depending on the size of fish we are targeting We use 30# breaking tippet for the most part so we don’t lose as many flies and so we can strike the fish harder without breaking them off. We use longer (2 feet) shock / bight tippets than IGFA rules allow (12 inches) because we can tie on more flies without having to change shock tippets as much, in addition the fish could swallow the fly deeper and we wont loose the fish.

We also use longer lighter shock tippet in these clear spooky situations. We are using fluorocarbon shock tippet now, especially in clear well lit smooth water. On our Spin Rod Casting we are using 7-8ft of 30lb to 50lb Fluorocarbon. 

The Lefty Kreh 50% Leader illustration below is for Baby Tarpon/Snook/Jacks 4.6' of 30# clear hard mason mono for the butt section 2.3-3′ of 25# for the transition section 1.5' of 20# for the breaking tippet 2′ of 30# for the bite/shock tippet. (40-50# fluorocarbon is an option.) **You can adjust these lengths to make the leader longer or shorter depending on the wind. Your leader can be connected together with Albright, surgeon or blood knots. We usually use a Homer Rhode or Hufnagel loop knot to the fly.


You can connect your butt section of the Leader to your fly line using a Snell or Nail Knot connection. This know has been tested to well over 90% knot strength and will provide a connection that will transfer the energy of your loop through the connection and to your leader right to the fly. It provides you loop the energy to better roll over your fly for a better, smoother cast.

Watch the video below for a simple Snell / Nail Knot Connection to fly line demonstration and instruction. 


More Miami Tarpon Fishing On Fly
(Leader explanation at the end of the video Below.)

Sight fishing around Biscayne Bay bridges for Tarpon is and spectacular way to fish for Tarpon. Miami bridges provide numerous opportunities especially in the winter and early spring. its not uncommon to have double digit shots at 60lb tarpon.