about the brand and mission


"time flies when your..." "its time to fly..." "this is fly..." "fly and fish a destination" "Pretty fly for a white guy" lol

The idea for the name is about the lifestyle, the journey and balance along the way and the balance of two things needed; a fly and a fish. The name to capture it all. "fly and fish"

your probably know us already as Fly and Fish Costa Rica now its just fly and fish (yes, its all lower case) with the same Pura Vida fishing spirit. That Pura Vida spirit is what we are all about finding!

Art, fishing lifestyle products will all be added along the way. so, like and follow along the journey


Sharing my fishing experience with you to provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime and memories that will last a life time.

After many adventures fishing in Costa Rica, Bahamas and around the world its time to share the experience. Time to "fly and fish" "Pura Vida!"