Everglades Tarpon and Snook fishing

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Everglades Fishing this week for baby Tarpon and some very decent size Snook.

The fishing adventure starts a little off the beaten path this week using the My Geenoe for the special purpose of getting into some remote areas only available to kayaks or Geenoes, and that’s it!

The result is access to less pressured fish. The Geenoe is a one or two person max, and really the only way to access these fishing areas.

The fishing trip is very much on the lines of an Eco tour as you paddle through the mangrove canopy. A variety of birds fly over head numerous gators glide out of the way as you make your way to the fishing locations.

The Motivation behind this idea was by a video I saw online some years ago called Snookzilla filmed in Mexico. A very shallow water lagoon or bay that holds some impressively large Snook. The video went viral as it was shallow and the fish was large. Let me explain.

In Miami I fish night time dock lights specifically for Snook are spares and they are often heavily pressured. On the dock lights or when those same fish hold very deep on the bridges and is very difficult to catch on fly often.

So, finding this location where big Snook venture out into shallow water bays only a few feet deep during the day has with very light pressure from other fisherman has been a goal.

Now you may think of Flamingo or Everglades city and those are truly places that hold fish and are an unique experience to themselves on a flats boat. However, I'm talking about an experience that is only achievable with a kayak or a Geenoe and not even a john boat will take you here. 

Definitely, became a must do again, after I did it the first time although it's ot for everyone.

The Journey in itself is one that is unlike others as you go through mangrove tunnels for twenty to thirty minutes in different sections.

Once the bay is reached tarpon can be seen rolling in the deeper sections of the main channel that cuts through it.

A deep off and undercut mangroves abound the bay edges where snook wait to ambush bait. They venture off just far enough to sometime be seen in the shallow water only a few feet deep.

My video link below is one of the Tarpon that jumped all over my fly to give you a taste of the kind of feed to expect from these Everglades Tarpon. The water is darker and seeing fish roll and casting to lead the fish is the name of the game.

 I also up loaded one of the Snook videos of one of the larger ones that actually dragged the Geenoe and spun it around. I will have a full length video up on my YouTube channel Fly and Fish Tv later this month. 

Trully an adventure worth doing contact me For more about this trip.


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