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With Safety being paramount due to the Corona Virus we have been running Miami Fishing charters with the new regulations for boat capacity and cleanliness. The guidelines are easy enough, We have color coordinated reels and can identify the reels to be cleaned after a fight with a fish easily. We have several Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters now with great success and the fish are here and biting!

 Last week Alex got several sunset fish and bites.  Alex has been out with me numerous times and the fish always seem to cooperate. I remember had one of the Largest Tarpon I have seen fought on an artificial Last year At Haulover Inlet. The fish came up and just swallowed an all black rubber Poonchaser Soft Plastic. That fish unfortunately was lost but it’s the kind of fish that brings you back for more.

Scott Rose who has come out with me several times came out to get his “Ride or Die”, or should I say, fiancé Rachelle on her first Tarpon. The night started like this: The afternoon rain storm cleared enough for me to pull my truck / boat / rig on the side of the road next to my favorite mullet canal. I could see a huge school left over from the spring Mullet Run. The school was just out of distance but maybe just close enough I could pick off a few just to have for the Tarpon Fishing trip.  I threw the net and to my surprise I managed to get three. The sun was not down when we reached the area the Tarpon had been holding. I have been fishing a little earlier lately and it has paid off with each trip having a day time bite and or photo with a Tarpon. We started to deploy the baits and not long we marked several fish. Moments last the Mullet is seen jumping around in a wild circle as the Tarpon enraged tries desperately to seize it. With a cannon ball sized explosion on the surface that left us in awe the Tarpon took off and jumped and gray hounded for the horizon. Another mullet deployed and all three got pounded. We didn’t manage to get them back to the boat however before they threw the hook and sun went down. One of The fish jumped and got twisted up in the leader and it broke a little unusual but does happen.

The sunset and the fish had moved on we ran the beach and found another group of fish that was feeding on the surface the water was slick calm as we drifted toward the fish. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we get tight and hooked up. We cast out live bait offerings in the general direction of the sound of these feeding fish and with in fifteen seconds or less it was fish on. No doubt the circle hook stayed connected and soon we had both Scotts fish and Rachels boat side.

Two cast to the fish and two solid Tarpon from 70-80lb we quickly measured, photographed the fish next to the boat and sent them on their way. Another great night of Miami Tarpon Fishing.

The plan over the next few weeks with the summer rains is Everglades Tarpon fishing. Everglades Baby Tarpon on my smaller geenoe in the back country mangroves. These fish start to stack up on all the bait fish moving out and being pushed out by heavy down pours.

Also the annual Monster Summer Snook. When I mean monster, I mean it, these fish are forty inches long and from 25-35lbs check out some of my snook post and videos on the YouTube Channel fly and fish tvMn

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