2019 Best Jumps and a Surprise bycatch when Miami Tarpon and Snook Fishing

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While we continue on with a very strange first half of 2020 lets take a look back at 2019. I put together a video that highlights some of the best jumps and footage while on Miami Tarpon fishing charters. Its not always easy to film the strangest most epic jumps and things we see while fishing but sometimes I get lucky. 

Sometimes when fishing you also get those surprise fish that are the ones that you didn't intentionally target but you catch them anyway. we call this bycatch. 

Check out this video when we catch and release a beautiful permit while on a Miami Tarpon and Snook Fishing Charter. Be sure to check out our you tube channel Fly and Fish TV with Captain Fraser Simpson for the best videos and highlights and be sure to like subscribe and join along for the rest of 2020 as we continue to explore new areas deep into the Everglades for Tarpon and Snook as we move into the summer and into the future. 




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