Epic Cubera Snapper Fishing in Miami

Cubera Snapper Everglades snook Everglades Tarpon fishing Miami Tarpon Fishing

An exciting week of June brings the mighty Cubera Snapper back into play. My sports wanted to mix it up a bit this time. They decided they wanted to try a multiple species multi tackle approach for for a mix bag of fish and the Miami Tarpon. So, we headed out for some bottom fising with live bait. It was not long before we got into The Cubera Snapper bite!  This one came home for dinner!

We fished a little longer and got a nurse shark and then decided to head for some Tarpon on fly around the many underwater dock lights. We found several willing Tarpon that ate the fly however keeping them hooked this night was a challenge.

The next night was a similar fishing trip with a mixed bag. This night however it was a nice Black Tip Shark that was the wild card of the night with a huge run and a few jumps.

 Also fishing in the Everglades has been getting really good with a nice baby Tarpon on fly bite taking place. However Snook have also made equal quarry and regularly eat the fly with reckless abandon. 


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