Epic Fathers Day Weekend of Miami Tarpon Fishing

Miami Tarpon Miami Tarpon Fishing

Epic Father’s Day Weekend of Tarpon fishing ! 🎣 we didn’t get the hero picture for the crew but for the Poonchasers who got to witness first hand it was amazing! One of the Tarpon ate 20 feet from the boat and immediately went airborne, tail walking toward us. It’s gills fully flared, rattling as it shook its head, 80-100 lbs of wild silver jumped three times and on the third, I could not move out of its way! stunned as it came down near my feet next to the edge of the boat. Water 💦 hurled all over us. We were left with our jaws on the floor! I couldn’t feel more alive. Cubera, Snook Sharks and more but that stuck in my mind over and over. Thanks to my #poonchaser

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