The New Year Tarpon Bite is starting off despite some super strong equally super strong winds ! Seems like my Miami Tarpon Fishing trips have all fallen on some windy days and the clients time frame leaves no extra time to wait for the wind to slow or a cold front to pass! However, I wont be denied nor my clients who trust me with putting them on the trophy Tarpon and other species they want to catch!

"I punch through it" and it comes down picking locations that will deliver the highest concentration of Tarpon and other species, on a tide and a location that offers protection from wind and makes it easy to fish.

Sometimes that means running 20 miles or more! The pay off comes when your catching a permit like this and a few minutes later hooking a Tarpon in the same place.

 We have been finding large concentrations of Tarpon some of the largest fish of the year are in Miami and waiting for the continued shrimp hatch that occurs during the coldest months of the year here in Miami. The shrimp run should and Tarpon should remain here until the shrimp finish and the water warms up.

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