Triple Tail Surprise | Miami tarpon Fishing

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During and just before the major rain system came through a weather window opened up for Brian to Hook into some monster Miami Tarpon. We had to wait the first wave of rain out under the bridges and once it passed the drizzle and rain continued but the bite was border line epic with several Tarpon charging the fly with aggression. A quick strike sent the 6 FT 70-80 LB Miami Tarpon like a rocket into the air that left our knees shaking he threw the hook on the first jump and we soon forgot that it was still raining. The next two tarpon charged like the first and we got the third into a tug of war battle that felt great. As we got the fish to the boat the fly fell out however it was a great fight and everyone was more than happy. We finished the night with the cherry on top a surprise triple tail that hit the fly like it was the last coca cola in the desert. After a quick photo session between swims in the live well we released him very healthy back to his dock. another successful Miami Tarpon Charter

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