Tarpon Attcked by Sharks on fishing charter

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April 14

Tarpon attacked by sharks

What an epic night on this Miami Tarpon Fishing charter we finished the night with 6-8 tarpon Each guest got an opportunity to get there own Tarpon.
It was truly a mixed night of fishing as threw Hogy plastic lures from the front of the boat and had either mullet or shrimp drifting out of the back. As the night progressed one of our Tarpon got ambushed by 3 large bull sharks and before we could cut the line or let the fish run. The shark ravage this Miami Tarpon in Half.



April 17

EPIC NIGHT of fishing the hogy proved to be the winner this night account for a lot of action we lost count of how many fish we hooked and jumped. We mixed the approach and used live shrimp in the back of the boat drifting and using live mullet and the father son team each got a Miami Tarpon and a first Tarpon. Trilled with 3-6 tarpon. The father got off the boat and said “it was the most exciting fishing he has ever done and the son could not stop talking about how much fun he had. As a Captain this is what its all about!


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