Monster Snook caught on Summer Snook fishing trips

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With my word that they would catch fish upto 40 inches my customers booked there flights from Tampico Mexico and Texas. They got here and had to settle for two 44 inch fish!


The group flew into Miami and enjoyed the entertainment during the evenings and met me in for the my summer snook fishing trips in the morning.


The summer snook trips have been a huge success  catching and releasing 15-20 fish upward of 37 inches in a few hours and 40 inch fish are

not uncommon and already two fish up-to the 44 inch have been caught!


The summer snook bite runs from late June and into the end of August to the start of September.

This past full moon brought some of the largest fish of the month and season for the snook Florida east coast snook bite according to the locals and bait guys in the area.


These monster snook stage up and can be seen from the surface.

Using large locally caught live baits and some imports these fish inhale them and there is no doubt it’s fish on!!


We take extra special care with these pre-spawn Spawning fish.

We use larger size tackle to make a quick exciting fight. Then we use a large net to cradle the fish out of the water, make quick photos shoots and revive fully.


Make sure to book well in advance to plan out a great trip! These fish are creatures of habit and can be predictable so planning is important to get in on this incredible fish of a life time opportunity!

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