1-6 Putting Miami Tarpon in the Sky Like the 4th of July

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Catching up after a busy week of putting Tarpon into the Sky like the 4th of July Starting out the The 27th of June leading into the Full moon in June. The fly and fish glided with speed across the Oily slick calm Biscayne bay like a big beige Pelican as a Strawberry moon rose out of the horizon giving us a spectacular moon rise.

It was not long before we had our first Tarpon. We fought him for probably 10 mins ,until out of no where, he got hit by a shark. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to help it was too late to put the reel in “free spool” allow the fish to run away from the ferocious shark.

We went back out to a new location and tried again. After marking several or more fish on the Lowrance side scan it wasn’t long before we started to hook and send Tarpon skyward. After putting 5 into the sky we finally settled into a solid hook up and a long fight that would last for the rest of the Charter The fish never gave up and after an hour and a half we finally got the fish boat side. This was probably one of the most spectacular fish as far as stamina goes.

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