Positive note for Miami Tarpon Fishing

Miami Snook Fishing Miami Tarpon Fishing

On a Positive Note for Miami.  Im pretty sure the Tarpon are gliding down the beach in a hundred yard uninterrupted chain. 

The ecosystem in south east Florida is getting a much welcomed break from all the boat traffic: Diving, Fishing,  Tour boats Jet ski and pollution from these activities.

People are reporting sightings inside Biscayne bay like see turtles and even endangered Saw fish. Although in time overall it maybe just a short period. It gives us some time to reflect on the Impact we make.  That said, I can’t wait to take you guys back out chasing tails. Fortunately, for me being a full time captain I manage a private sportfish vessel, when I’m not fishing. So, I will be here waiting and I will let you know when these ramps open up. I look forward more Miami Tarpon and snook fishing 

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