Miami Tarpon Fishing Report

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The Spring Mullet Run has the Tarpon Fired up! It has been a great bit and the live mullet do not disappoint as the show behind the boat is spectacular Tarpon explode on these baits and it looks like cannon balls hitting the water.


My guests didn’t have to wait long as soon as the bait went in the water it was engulfed by a very nice size Tarpon we continued to fish and hooked and fought several more. The bite will remain strong all the way out to May with these Mullet being around. Then we should have a crab hatch too follow that will continue to keep it strong through till the Summer shrimp run June and July. Snook should be mixed in the rest of May all the way out till September and October. 



Youtuber Lawson Lindsey filmed his fishing show with me and mutual friend Scott Rose. It was an awesome experience to mix up the night and fish Live bait, Fly and artificial.  Hooking and land on two of the three Styles. 




We then had the Doctors trip that gave us 5 out of 6 tarpon on mullet that proved to be a spectacular night for my guest who fished around the inlet with artificials as we trolled live mullet. We didn’t even count the 10 fish that we jumped on the artificial.

5/6/2019 The Excitement Spilled over into a father son duo that spent two nights of fishing getting multiple fish on live bait and artificials. They each got a fish back to the boat for some nice pics before releasing them. The last fish however got attacked and eaten by a shark.


The #poonchaser shirts have been a hit everywhere we go. Lots of great photos with the shirt after a good nights fishing and when we catch them.  I just Put the 2019 updated jumping Tarpon Logo on the Back and they are ready again and available for purchase in my online shop. More sizes are available up to 2xl


Stay Tuned to Fly and Fish tv for the latest action and of course Fly and Fish .com with Capt. Fraser Miami Tarpon Fishing this coming week, we look forward to seeing more Snook and Tarpon action

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