Miami tarpon fishing charter on fly “don’t Trout Set ! “

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fAce gRab fRiday! Ryan took a break from Bitcoin mining to mining silver.
A night filled with tarpon action helped him develop his skills, through each step from presenting the fly, the strike (Dont trout set! 😜) to playing the fish to the boat.

often times Angler’s learn techniques from one fishery like the hook set for trout fishing and it almost becomes a hard habit to break. The impulse is to set the hook in the same way. The hook set for a Tarpon on fly is much different. The technique to set the hook is to point the rod at the fish and pull the line with the stripping hand . Named a strip strike as the motion is the same as stripping the fly. 
When playing the fish it’s also a little different . Fighting tarpon is best done by creating less bend in the rod tip and fighting the fish from the butt of the rod closer to the handle with less bend. The fight is also done low off the hip of the angler. The angle is to pull down the back of the fish. The tarpon should almost be pulled backward in the water , and usually does at the end of the fight. The technique was named “down and dirty” Tarpon could almost Pull forever if the technique is not used. 

Using this technique greatly decreases the fight tome and increase the fishes chances of survival after release from predation from sharks so it’s become a vital technique.

after the fight we only remove the fish briefly for photos and do our best to keep them in the water as much as possible. Tarpon over 40 inches cannot be removed form the water so we have learned to use some great techniques with selfie sticks to take great photos along side the boat. 

Biscayne bay is full of residential tarpon all year long and the tarpon fishing in the evening is spectacular. Don’t hesitate to contact me to get some more information or a fishing report with some tips along the way. 

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