Miami boat show Tarpon fishing trips

Miami Boat show Tarpon Fishing trip

The Miami Boat Show Tarpon Fishing went off really well. The groups all got some very nice Tarpon despite some heavy rain on the Saturday. We started out the week in the northern part of the bay fishing around Haulover inlet. 

We marked several large Tarpon feeding in the area and we put out our spread of Shrimp just as we came into the area. it didn't take long and week hooked up to this beast of a Tarpon (Above)


Repeat customer and Friend Murat spent several night with me fishing a mix of live bait and artificial and did well also in the northern part of the bay. One of the night we marked around 20 fish moving along the beach just outside the inlet the Tarpon were definitely around and in numbers.

As the end of the week approached a cold front moved through and a decision needed to be made if we would fish or not. 

My guys from Siren Marine said "lets go" we took off between rain showers and sheltered under bridges for a few minutes as we made our way to the prime location. Once we hit the spot we marked a fish and it gulpped up the live shrimp and we were on! The rain let up for the entire fight. We  brought the fish boat side after a short fight. Everyone raced to get some pictures as the rain approached again. Pleased and satisfied with their first Tarpon we headed back to Bay side for a drink and talk about that wild fish.



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