Five exotic fish species caught in a mornings fishing charter

Tarpon, Snook, Peacock Bass, Large Mouth Bass and the
Clown Knife fish

Let me explain, an Exotic fish is an alien species which is not naive and belonging by nature or origin to another part of world or brought in from abroad or foreign. In this case the Peacock Bass from the Amazon and Clown Knife Fish from Asia.


 Whats really cool is that these fish are found in the same body of water. Yes, Freshwater species mixing with Saltwater species, the Tarpon and Snook.

On this fishing charter it possible to catch a Snook and Tarpon who can adapted to lower salinity rates.

it's amazing that these fish are all there living together here in south Florida due to the warm climate.

Our fishing trip started out in the Geenoe as my larger boat was in the shop for maintenance.

The Geenoe is the perfect boat to get into these canal systems here in south Florida and gives you access to un fished areas that other boats cannot access. I have the 6 HP mercury on the boat that enables us to travel to a few locations that are ideal for Peacock bass Large mouth and Clown Knife fish then Move locations further for the Snook and Tarpon.

The morning bite Started quickly and we had a Snook in the boat almost immediately the Tarpon was a little more elusive so we left some time to circle back at the end of the trip. We then moved to catching the Peacock and Clown knife using live shiners slow trolled behind the boat. I use a large stand up paddle board paddle to move the boat while fishing nothing complicated.

Once we had a Large mouth bass I knew we would be on our way to getting the five species for the what locals call the Miami Dade Slam.

A couple of hours in and we had all the fish but the Tarpon so we made the run back to the original spot. We didn’t see any fishing rolling but a few Snook took our offerings.

Then the line surged with some serious weight and a long run and a jump. It was the Tarpon! Ecstatic we played the fish moving the boat in a dance around the fish and likewise he around us. We touched the leader and considered that a catch as this fish was large he jumped a few more times and threw the hook. MY angler left thrilled with what he had experienced of the best fish of south Florida in 4 hours.

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