Tarpon and more fishing report, End of summer and moving into the fall mullet run 2020

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Tarpon and more fishing report, End of summer and moving into the fall mullet run 2020

The summer saw lots of Tarpon consistently on the numerous underwater Miami dock lights as well as bridges in Biscayne Bay. Baby Tarpon where also numerous in the Everglades National Park Fishing Trips and made great action. The fish were easy targets and readily ate Lures, live bait, Fly and artificial soft plastic lures. Check out this video and continue reading the report below:

In the Everglades on the third week of August baby Tarpon were numerous as well as Snook and the bite was ridiculously good. Looking forward to cooler nights on the water and the winter time migratory Tarpon‘s return to shelter in Biscayne Bay. We saw plenty of unwanted tailing sharks on the flats up to eight at a time. It wasn’t late August and the temperature was so hot we were not exactly sure why. “When it rains lemons, make lemon juice” so, we fished for big lemon sharks. While we only gave it a super small window of opportunity, we did hook some and it was ridiculously good fun. Check out the video link to see more on this fun type of fishing and continue the report below:

Several offshore trips proved very good for mahi-mahi or Dorado. Trolling with small skirted lures and once a fish is hooked up we stopped the boat leaving the hooked fish in the water to draw in the whole school. Once the other fish are next to the boat we then start throwing out chunks of bait or other live pilchards. Seem to be the ticket as usual.

Mullet Run 2020:
Moving into last week September we started to look for the first small mullet pods. This last Friday the mullet showed up in mass!! Be sure to check out the latest on YouTube channel fly and fish tv. The mullet run is an exceptional time to catch Snook and Tarpon sharks and more!!  Book Now!

September 15th, 2019 we caught a 220 pound estimated Tarpon out of Haulover on a live mullet during the Pre Mullet pod. The mullet run is definitely something extraordinarily exciting to fish and odds are high you will get a trophy Tarpon.

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 Freshwater Peacock :
Freshwater peacock bass regressive proved to be a lot of fun along the Everglades in the late evening as the temperatures settle down. I just love how easy these fish are to target.  Almost as gluttony!  The Live Bait always was the trick that kept my son’s attention. 

Fishing will remain strong into the winter with tarpon sheltering the colder winter waters inside Biscayne Bay. Be sure to DM me and get booked early for the best tides. !!Looking forward to fishing with you!

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