"No bananas" on board sticker
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"No bananas" on board sticker

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3.3 x 4 Inch, UV protected, Super Glossy,  Bananas are deemed unlucky and unwanted on sport fishing/recreational boats. Rumor has it, "No bites" is a banana somewhere on the boat?" We don't draw the line there mechanical issues any mishap = banana
Some in the fishing charters business extend their distaste for the fruit to include not only banana ingestibles (fresh or dried chips of banana, banana muffins, plus anything banana flavored) but even to items bearing the word “banana” or anything evocative of it, such as Fruit of the Loom underwear, (anyone know who that is? Let me know in the comments) Banana Republic apparel, and Banana Boat sunscreen. (The prohibition against Fruit of the Loom underthings is particularly baffling because that clothier’s logo depicts an apple, leaves, green grapes, currants, and purple grapes, with nary a banana in sight.) 

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